Mediation – Divorce & Coparenting

Terry McGeehan, MA, LCPC  410-218-0656

Mediation is a process that transforms conflict and brings resolution for couples seeking divorce, co-parenting agreements and post divorce solutions. The mediator, a trained neutral person, guides participants to share their concerns, ideas and needs directly with each other. Mutual understanding and collaboration develop in exploring equitable solutions that restructure how the family will function through the transition and into the future. Participants make their own decisions which are then written into a “memorandum of understanding”. This is a detailed record of how the new family structure will function over time. Mediated agreements empower individuals, are cost effective and have high rates of satisfaction and compliance.

Terry McGeehan, MA, LCPC  Family Mediation  410-218-0656

Terry, principal and founder of Sage River, is a licensed clinical counselor and family mediator with over 30 years professional experience.  She works with couples, families and organizations to address a range of disputes affecting relationships in the home and workplace. Drawing from several schools of conflict resolution, she supports her clients in exploring and developing practical solutions to the material, transactional and relational dimensions of a conflict. Together solutions that best meet the needs of each participant and their family are discovered and implemented. This process not only resolves conflict, it transforms relationships leading to personal and professional well being, satisfaction and success.

Mediation Services appropriate for couples seeking separation and divorce, child access, post divorce conflict, families in conflict, adult children with aging parents; “elder mediation” and Conflict Resolution Training are available.