Gillespie Approach-Craniosacral Fascial Therapy

Gail Kurek,  Reiki Master, Certified Craniosacral Fascial Therapist (CFT)   410-812-9914

Craniosacral Fascial Therapy (CFT) is a unique blend of cranial osteopathic principles and  myofascial release techniques. Dr. Gillespie’s brilliant integration of these therapies created the Gillespie Approach-Craniosacral Fascial Therapy.  While craniosacral therapy alone is an effective treatment, the merging of these two therapies creates a more comprehensive treatment for healing when given simultaneously.

The Craniosacral System, the bones of the skull, spine and pelvis,  is critical to the proper functioning of the central nervous system. Restrictions and imbalances in the system can cause dysfunction in the brain’s ability to pump cerebrospinal fluid through the spinal cord and into the body’s fascial system.

Fascia is connective tissue that occurs throughout the entire body in a three-dimensional web from head to foot. This connective tissue covers muscles, bones, nerves, vessels, and organs down to the cellular level. The fascial system’s function is to support vital organs in their correct position and provide cohesion to all of the body’s structures. The craniosacral system is an important component within the fascial system.

Who can benefit from CFT?Anyone who has ever experienced trauma, injury or imbalance, either physical or emotional, can benefit from CFT. These experiences may cause inflammation, which accumulates in the fascial system creating restrictions in layers.  These restrictions can bind the fascia creating abnormal pressure on any component of the body. Because fascia is woven throughout the body similar to a perfectly knitted sweater, any restrictions that occur can pull or twist into adjacent or distant areas from the original trauma.

CFT releases restrictions in the fascial system and the effects it has on the craniosacral system, thus optimizing the flow of the cerebrospinal fluid. Once the fascia is free and the brain is free to move the cerebrospinal fluid, the body is then able to better heal itself.

Gail Kurek,  Reiki Master, Certified Craniosacral Fascial Therapist (CFT) 410-812-9914

Gail Kurek has been practicing Reiki healing since 2007 and a Reiki Master since 2013. She added CFT to her sessions in 2013 and is certified to work on infants, children, and adults.

She believes the body is very wise and communicates messages for healing in every moment.  In her sessions she taps into these messages from the body, and assist in allowing the body to unfold its own healing.  This allows past traumas and injuries to unwind and release.

Trusting the body is key.