Nutrition Counseling

Deborah Kauffmann, RD, LDN  Registered Dietitian   410-982-9667

Nutrition counseling for intuitive eating with a registered dietitian incorporates mindful eating techniques as well as nutrition education and meal planning strategies to assure that the client’s eating pattern matches his/her individual needs.  The best eating pattern in terms of quantity, balance of major nutrients and specific food choices differs from individual to individual.  Some of these differences are due to age, gender and medical conditions.  However, mindful eating techniques reveal other important information to help determine the optimal eating pattern for each client.

 The intuitive eating approach empowers clients to become attuned to body signals that aid in making decisions about the quantity and type of foods best for the individual.  Regarding weight management, the research is clear that dieting is ineffective for long term weight management and is a major cause of overeating and other disordered eating.  Research has shown that the non-diet, intuitive eating model is more effective in improving health as well as managing weight.


Deborah Kauffmann, RD, LDN  Registered Dietitian  410-982-9667

Since 1990 Deborah has been helping clients move away from dieting and disordered eating to mindful, healthful eating.  Research clearly shows that dieting leads to long term weight gain, overeating and other eating disorders.  Deborah is one of the pioneers of the non-diet approach to weight management in the Baltimore area.  She understands that healthy bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and that intuitive eating helps bodies move toward their natural weight.  The non-diet, intuitive eating approach has been shown to be more effective in improving health as well as managing weight.  Deborah also teaches parents the most effective strategies to help children feel good about their bodies and become healthy, intuitive eaters.

Deborah works with adults, teens and children/parents.  She provides nutrition counseling for binge eating, anorexia, bulimia and other medical conditions including diabetes, cardiovascular disorders and gastrointestinal conditions.  Currently in private practice, she is the former Director of Nutrition Services at The Center for Eating Disorders Center in Towson, Maryland. Professional affiliations include the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Maryland Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, International Federation of Eating Disorder Dietitians, Association for Size Diversity and Health, Binge Eating Disorder Association and The Center for Mindful Eating.