Reflexology is a modality based on the premise that there are zones and reflex areas in the feet, and hands, which correspond to all glands, organs, parts and systems of the body. In a Reflexology session, pressure and stimulation is applied to these reflex points using thumb, finger and hand techniques to promote physiological changes in the body and encourage relaxation. 

Julie Dew  Licensed Massage Therapist and Integrative Reflexologist  410-585-5725

Julie Dew is a Maryland state Licensed Massage Therapist and Integrative Reflexology Practitioner. She has a strong, intuitive touch and is skilled at releasing tension while providing a quiet, caring and meditative space for deep personal healing.  Her background in sculpture brings a unique rhythm and flow to each massage session, where she combines Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques with gentle stretches, heat wraps and therapeutic essential oils.

Julie is a 2005 graduate of the Baltimore School of Massage.  In 2007, she became certified in Integrative Reflexology with Claire Marie Miller, founder of the technique of massage-based reflexology. She is also trained in Reiki level 2 and Cupping for Massage Therapy.  

Julie believes that we can all benefit from the healing power of touch, and she welcomes every person who comes in to her life.